Queendom purple uv lighting  are UV curing LED tubes, floodlight LED UV curing lamps, flood UV curing lamps and integrated panel UV curing lamps.
There are three types of purple LED UV curing lamps, mercury lamps, electrodeless lamps and LED lamps.
UV Lights, also known as ultraviolet uv led lamps, are lighting devices that produce ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet light is divided into three distinct wavelength regions, purple uv lighting including UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-A has the longest wavelength region and is closest to visible light, while UV-C has the shortest wavelength region and has the most bactericidal effect.

UV Lights can be useful in many different areas. In the medical field, UV Lights are used to kill germs and viruses to prevent cross-infection. In the food processing and catering industry, ultraviolet light can be used for sterilization to keep food fresh and safe. In addition, UV Lights are widely used in air and water treatment systems to remove harmful bacteria and pollutants. UV lamps are also used in industry and scientific research. In industry, they can be used to cure coatings, printing and adhesives to increase production efficiency. In scientific research, UV Lights can be used to analyze and detect the characteristics of substances, such as fluorescence spectroscopy.
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