The LED flood light is a lighting fixture with high illuminance on the designated illuminated surface in the surrounding environment. Also known as jukoto. In general, the structure is affected by the direction of the ability to operate and the weather conditions.
Performance fan: 30 tiles to 1000 tiles;
Color temperature range: 3000K to 6500K and red, green, blue, yellow, purple UV, etc.;
Power supply method: streetcar, solar power, battery, power supply, etc.

LED flood light expedition: 1. Light source: LED (light-emitting two-prong tube) 2. Performance scale: LED flood light performance scale is usually less than 30 tiles to 1000 tiles. 3. Brightness: Brightness of LED flood light is normal, brightness is from 1000 to 50000. High brightness, good lighting effect. 4. Color temperature: LED flood light usual color temperature range from 3000K to 6500K. Extremely low color temperature (3000K-4000K) normally presents a warm yellowish light, suitable for creating a warm and bright cloud; Extremely high color temperature (5000K-6500K) presents a cool white light, suitable for providing brighter lighting effects. Provide a rich selection of colors, such as red, green, blue, yellow, etc., real colorful lighting effects. 5. Protection grade: LED flood light usually has waterproof, protection grade, regular protection grade including IP65, IP66, etc. This kind of quality guarantees that the lamp has good durability and durability in outdoor environments. 6. Material: High-strength steel alloy material, which is commonly used for the housing of LED flood light, has good heat dissipation performance and anti-corrosion properties, ensuring long life and long life of the lamp. 7. Light control method: LED flood light can be based on different lighting control methods according to different needs, such as manual control, wireless control, intelligent sensing, etc., so that the actual lighting effect is controlled and controlled. Above is LED flood light, which is one of the common standard models, which is a special selection suitable for the actual needs of the base, providing high brightness, and the ability to provide a safe outdoor lighting solution. Summary: LED lighting equipment has a wide range of applications, suitable for indoor lighting, and also suitable for outdoor lighting. Its high brightness, high performance and safety features make it an ideal lighting choice, and the LED flood light is widely used in various industries.
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