High-power LED light-emitting diodes refer to power LEDs with a power lower than 1W, and the power distribution is 1-15W. Mid-power LEDs generate more heat, so these devices use special heat dissipation designs.

China QUEENDOM Technology provides a full range of high performance high, medium and low power LEDs, which are widely recognized by the lighting industry. With our stable quality, excellent color consistency and high lumen value, it is widely used by designers and manufacturers especially in the application of interior lighting and decorative lighting. Efficient and reliable mid-power LEDs include 0.1W, 0.2W, and 0.5W. White options include Cool White, Natural White and Warm White. Color temperature ranges from 2600K to 11000K. Support customer color temperature segment customization. High-power LEDs or high-power light-emitting diodes refer to LEDs with a power of 1W or more, and the driving current works at a current of hundreds of milliamperes or more. High power LEDs generate a lot of heat, so this device uses special cooling techniques. In order to meet the needs of a wide range of lighting applications, China QUEENDOM has launched a series of lighting-level high-power LEDs. The efficient and reliable high-power LEDs include 1W, 3W, 5W to 15W and so on. The white options include cool white, natural white and warm white, and the color temperature ranges from 2600-10000K. Support customer color temperature segment customization. Applications Medical, biological, new energy, intelligent tmrf contour lighting, stair lighting, outdoor floodlights, landscape lighting, flashlights, security, automotive lighting, industrial or commercial lighting and other high-power LEDs are widely used.
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