Oval LED Conventional specifications: 5*4*6mm and 3*4*5mm (the size of the oval LED can be customized according to needs).

Available colors Green, Red, Yellow, White, Blue and White. Colloids are divided into white mist, colored mist, colorless mist, colored and transparent, colorless and transparent



characteristic: Oval LED is a through-hole light-emitting diode packaged with optical-grade epoxy resin. Compared with conventional standard LED products, LEDs with elliptical light-emitting mode not only expand the light-emitting viewing angle, but also enhance brightness; elliptical LED is a common light-emitting diode (LED) with an elliptical appearance. Its shape design makes it more suitable for use in certain applications. Oval-shaped LEDs are usually made of semiconductor materials and feature high brightness and low power consumption. Application: Oval LED is specially designed for applications such as full-color display screens, dynamic information billboards and advertising signs; oval LEDs can also be used in display screens, billboards, vehicle lighting and other fields.
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