The main packaging specifications of Queendom UV LEDs are High Power UV LEDs. SMD LEDs. Through hole UV LEDs

Application: UV LED light-emitting diodes can be used in many fields such as electronic products, medical equipment, environmental protection facilities, ultraviolet lamps, and ultraviolet light curing.

  Queendom UV LED light-emitting diodes are purple LED light-emitting diodes to meet different needs of applications LED ultraviolet LED lamp beads are generally divided into three categories according to the wavelength: near ultraviolet (UV-A), medium ultraviolet (UV-B) and far ultraviolet (UV-C). UV-A has a long wavelength (320-400 nanometers), which can cause sunburn and is also associated with skin cancer. UV-B wavelengths between 280-320 nanometers can also cause skin tanning and sunburn, but compared to UV-A, it is negligible. The wavelength range of LED UV ultraviolet light is 100-280nm, and UVA-C (deep ultraviolet) light cannot irradiate the surface of objects. But it has multiple functions such as sterilization, organic decomposition, photopolymerization, and sensing.
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