Queendom provides a variety of through-hole cylindrical LEDs, such as: Φ2mm, Φ3, Φ4, Φ5, Φ8, Φ10 built-in integrated resistors and low current LEDs to choose from, the colors are green, red, yellow, white, blue, orange, infrared IR , UV ultraviolet light; available pins are 2PIN, 3PIN, 4PIN;
Colloids are divided into white mist, colored mist, colorless mist, colored and transparent, colorless and transparent

Queendom Through Hole Circular DIP LEDs are suitable for all backlighting and status indication applications. The application of LED through-hole diodes in consumer electronics and automotive interiors will make customers' products more distinctive. LED has 3 different technology chip packages, among which GaP technology chips are suitable for low-brightness application requirements, while AlInGaP and InGaN technologies are suitable for high-brightness applications. Applications: Various vehicle accessory indications, instruments, switches, icon backlighting, biomedical optics, instrument and equipment testing and general status indication, consumer and industrial electronics applications
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