Also known as a curing lamp or an ultraviolet lamp, and a lamp that emits ultraviolet rays is called a UV curing lamp because ultraviolet rays (ultraviolet rays) have a curing effect. The curing here refers to UV curing of UV resin, and ultraviolet rays can cure UV resin (ink, UV coating, UV glue, UV varnish, etc.).


Low-pressure mercury vapor emission UV curing lamps usually have low power, ranging from tens of watts to hundreds of watts. Usually, low-pressure mercury vapor is used for shadowless glue UV curing lamps. This UV curing lamp has a good curing effect on shadowless glue on the surface of crystal images, glass furniture, glass doors and so on. Curing is also good, some soft bases can be cured at low pressure with mercury vapor lamps. However, it also has disadvantages. It cannot be used at any time, nor can it be used in standby mode. It consumes a lot of energy and produces ozone.

The power of high-pressure mercury vapor emission UV curing lamps is relatively large, with hundreds of watts approaching tens of thousands of watts. High pressure mercury vapor discharge lamps can also be used, as UV glue requires more energy. UV glue is widely used, and the value of high-pressure mercury lamps has been vividly reflected. Signs, circuit boards, printing plates, paper varnishes, plastic parts for cars and motorcycles have all been used.


The application field of mercury vapor UV curing lamp is not wide enough, and its structure is one of the reasons. It consists of four parts: reflector, UV trigger, UV ballast and lamp. These limit the use of mercury vapor UV curing lamps, and high temperature and ozone are unavoidable, and the use cost is high. This has prompted the emergence of new procedures and new UV curing lamps.

In addition to the introduction of mercury vapor UV curing lamps, there are also microwave electrodeless lamp UV curing lamps and LED UV curing lamps.

The electrodeless lamp UV curing lamp is more advanced than the mercury lamp UV curing lamp. It solves some shortcomings of the mercury lamp, but it is not enough, so the LED light source UV curing lamp appears.

The image is ultraviolet light in NEWs of China QUEENDOM lighting Q&A.

LEDUV curing lamp is a curing lamp with LED as the light source. In order to meet the current demand for light-curing materials and light-curing resins, it also needs to be purple light. That is, an LED lamp capable of curing a photocurable resin is called an LED UV curing lamp, and an ultraviolet LED is called an LED UV curing lamp. LEDUV curing lamp design is more flexible, there is no standard, so there is no limit to the design of LEDUV. Especially the size, as small as a toy, as large as a small car. However, if you want to distinguish them, you can divide them into two categories, one is air-cooled and the other is water-cooled. Air cooling and water cooling have the same effect. Water cooling is suitable for larger LEDUVs, and air-cooled LEDUV curing lamps are usually easy to carry.


Whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled LED UV curing lamp, it is applicable to a wide range of industries. LEDUV curing lamps are generally suitable for printing, screen printing, inkjet printing, PCB exposure, wood, ceramics, tiles, offset printing, etc. As long as the drying and curing of the light-curing resin is carried out, the LED UV curing lamp can be used.


Product Usage:

  1. UV glue curing, nail lamp
  2. Leak detection of air conditioning and automobile circulation system, special gas
  3. Leakage inspection of oil and gas pipelines
  4. System traces, bloodstains, crime scene inspection
  5. Curiosity hunting, treasure hunting, ore hunting field exploration tools
  6. Antique appraisal, jade jewelry inspection
  7. Fluorescent reflection of special substances
  8. Scorpion lamp
  9. Mosquito-attracting lamps, mosquito-killing lamps
  10. Banknote identification (RMB, USD, HKD, EUR, GBP)
  11. Sterilization and disinfection
  12. Various fields such as plant growth.
  13. Stage decoration 14. Machine vision light source
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