LED purification lights can continuously generate negative ions to make the air fresh and clean. It can effectively eliminate smoke and odor in the air, and kill germs and viruses. LED purification lamp is a perfect combination of miniaturized complex equipment that generates negative ions and high-efficiency energy-saving lamps.

When the light is irradiated, it can generate a large number of negative ions to spread in the space, so as to eliminate smoke, dust, odor, disinfection, sterilization and pollution, etc. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, offices, conference rooms, families and teahouses, It is an excellent product for improving air quality and eliminating harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene in karaoke halls and Internet cafes.


The working principle of the LED purification lamp is that it stimulates a large number of negative ions, which can quickly purify the smoke and particle pollutants suspended in the air, and at the same time can sterilize, thereby purifying the air and preventing pollution. Make the whole space have a fresh and healthy natural air. People spend 3/4 of their life indoors.

According to expert research, indoor air pollution is many times that of outdoor air. Therefore, for human health, it is imperative to purify indoor air, prevent pollution, and create an indoor ecological environment!

LED purification lamp adopts low-temperature plasma technology. When the lamp is illuminated, the miniature negative ion emitter in the middle of the energy-saving lamp instantly releases high-concentration negative ions. Under the lighting, it spreads evenly to every corner of the space. After combining with the pathogen cells, the internal energy transfer structure of the cells is changed, resulting in their death. And make benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, smoke, dust, pollen, etc. floating in the air attract particles to gather and settle naturally, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.

At the same time, this product can generate about 0.05PPM ozone, which can completely remove the smell of smoke, fishy smell, and odor in the air. It can also kill more than 85% of harmful bacteria such as E. coli and mold in the air, and can also decompose Oxidative odor, chemical volatiles (benzene, formaldehyde, etc.).


Sterilization: kill harmful bacteria in the air

Purification: removal of various toxic chemicals (benzene, ammonia, etc.)

Deodorization: remove all kinds of odors in life

Smoke Elimination: Quickly eliminate smoke in the air

Energy saving: 96% energy saving than ordinary incandescent lamps

Health and environmental protection: fresh air, promote healthy life

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