Jan 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – “Global Mini and Micro LED Market 2022-2027”
This report covers Mini LED and Micro LED market. The display market is constantly evolving, with new technologies enabling vast improvements in brightness, HDR and color reproduction.
Recently, miniLED and microLED have attracted a lot of attention in the display market and have been implemented in products by consumer electronics giants such as Samsung and Apple. LG recently announced that they will launch Micro LED TVs in 2022. Samsung will add an 89-inch Micro LED TV to its lineup with an edge-to-edge display.
The market is expected to grow explosively in the next few years, occupying a large portion of the display market and moving into wearable devices, transparent displays, flexible displays, stretchable displays for skin-integrated devices, AR/VR, smartphone automotive lighting (such as active type headlights) and projector applications.
Mini LED
Mini LED
MiniLED backlights are used in large-screen TVs, monitors, automotive and industrial applications. MiniLED improvements to existing display technologies include:
high brightness
high contrast
low power consumption
higher efficiency
MicroLEDs will begin to gain market traction in 2022. MicroLEDs are aimed at direct-view displays. The improvements they provide include:
high efficiency
sunshine high brightness readable (>10,000 nits)
high color saturation
Ultra high resolution (>2000 dpi with Si backplane)
ultra low power consumption
Fast response time (on/off switching within nanoseconds)
Long life (>80,000 hours)
These features make it attractive for very large TV, AR/VR and automotive applications. Other applications include wearable/implantable optoelectronic devices, optical communication/optical interconnection, medical, spatial imaging, etc.
Latest technology and supply chain information
Industry Trends and Growth Drivers
Technical Challenge Assessment
Industry developments over the past 18 months
Current and planned miniLED and microLED products
Market and application analysis of miniLED and microLED. Markets covered include TV, AR and VR, smartphones, automotive, wearables and smart watches, laptops, monitors and tablets, medical displays, flexible, stretchable and foldable displays, and transparent displays
Current market and forecast for miniLED and microLED, by revenue, unit and application
Competitive Landscape Assessment
Profiles of 72 companies in the miniLED and microLED market.
Companies introduced include:
ALLOS Semiconductors Ltd.
AU Optronics
Foxconn Electronics
iBeam Materials Inc.
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Japan Display Inc. (JDI)
Konka Group
LG Display Co., Ltd.
MILEDI Microdisplay
Micro Mesa Technology Co., Ltd.
Nichia Corporation
PlayNitride, Inc.
Rohini LLC
Sanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
Seoul Semiconductor/Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.
Vuzix Corporation. TCL Electronics
Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
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