Optical lens is the core component of modern optical instrument, and also one of the most basic constraints of optical instrument. It can control the transmission, distribution and focus of light, so as to adjust the optical path, optical quality and optical distribution of transmission light, so that optical instrument can achieve imaging, amplification, adjustment, analysis and control functions.

optical lens

The main function of optical lenses

  1. Focusing light; An optical lens can focus light and convert scattered light into concentrated light. This enables optical instrument to image, amplify and control light.


  1. Adjust the optical focus position; An optical lens can change the focal position of an image, enabling it to be imaged at a further or closer distance. This makes the optical system more flexible and able to adapt to imaging needs in different scenarios.


  1. Improve imaging quality. Optical lenses can improve the clarity, dispersion, and astigmatism of optics and imaging. By changing the shape and size of the lens, the dissipation and dispersion of light are suppressed, making the image clearer and more realistic.


  1. Adjust the size and angle of the field of view. An optical lens can adjust the size and angle of the field of view, changing the range and angle of the imaging field of view. This makes optical instrument more versatile and can be easily observed and measured in various environments.


  1. Improve the accuracy and stability of optical instrument. Optical lenses can bring higher measurement accuracy and stability to optical instrument, enabling them to work in more stringent environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low pressure, etc.


In a word, optical lens plays a crucial role in modern optical instrument. It can control the transmission, distribution, focusing and control of light and achieve various optical functions.


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